Stoneman Lake

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George Caldwell


I am pretty sure I must have the longest seniority of ownership in Stoneman Lake. I was 3 in 1960 when my grandparents and parents bought lot 28. They built in 61. I helped by staying out of the way. Over my lifetime the cabin has been a sacred place. The cabin has seen countless family get togethers. I have treasured memories of my dad and me hunting and fishing there. My grandpa had the most amazing garden with rows of sweet corn and strawberries. When I attended NAU, I would come down every week to visit with him and Grandma, and get a home cooked meal. My Dad became disabled in the fall of 79. The community of Stoneman Lake embraced him in so much love. They built him a ramp and pulley system so he could get down to the garden. Now they have all passed, but for my memories. But now my children are embracing Stoneman Lake and I know new memories will be made. For how many generations? I don't know. But I know I am blessed for being given the experience of Stoneman Lake.

Mike Buckles

Board member

Mike Buckles and his wife Donna are long time residents of Arizona. Donna is a native and Mike moved to Phoenix with his family from Illinois when he was 10 years old. They raised their family in Phoenix. With two grown children and 7 grandchildren, they enjoy time at their cabin at the lake quite often throughout the year.

They purchased two adjacent lots on Ponderosa Drive (now lot #120) in July or 2006. One of the lots had an existing septic system already installed. So, they began construction on their log cabin in November of that year and got their certificate of occupancy two years later. Mike has been serving on the Stoneman Lake Property Owners Association board for three years. He is currently a member at large.

Dean Parks

Board member

I was born in Dearborn, MI, in 1958. I moved to Scottsdale in '65 and, in 1976 - right after high school, I started working as a helper in the tile business. Later, I continued on to work as a General Manager for some big tile contracting businesses and owned a few companies in the tile contracting world myself. This current one is 6 years old - the “last” one! I used to fish in Stoneman Lake back in the late 70’s and early 80”s - did a little duck hunting as well. I dreamed of having a place in Ponderosa Paradise my whole life! Cathy and I married 7 years ago this spring. We bought the Reynolds old place, Lot 107 (The Tree House), three years ago this May, 2019. Life is good. Able to count our blessings every day. NO BAD DAYS! Mantra: Faith, family, and the flag!

Mike Faustich


Mike Faustich is the new Treasurer of the HOA. He has an Economics degree from Michigan State University and has financial experience working for a bank for many years. He is originally from Michigan and moved to Arizona in 2004. In 2005 he decided to make a career change and obtained a degree from Northern Arizona University in Parks and Recreation Management. In 2007 he became a Park Ranger with the City of Phoenix and is so glad he made the career change to work in the great outdoors. Him and his wife, Heather, are newcomers to Stoneman Lake and just purchased their cabin in August 2018. They are excited to be part of the community and look forward to spending their cool summers in the pines.

Cheryl Stephan


An Arizona native, I began coming to Stoneman Lake in 2002 when my parents purchased the lot (#42). The cabin "lake house" was finished in 2009 and, like so many other Stoneman Lake families, it was my father’s wishes that the cabin be passed down through the generations for family to gather and enjoy. I've been employed in the escrow/title industry for 40 years and currently manage the Ahwatukee branch of Old Republic Title. I'm looking forward to retiring in the next few years and being able to spend more time at the "lake house". I've been married to Rob for 35 years and we have two adult daughters, Lauren and Kristin, and a new grand "dog" named Beau.

Marianne & Leah Mount


We have owned a piece of Paradise since 2013. My husband, Joe, and I happened upon Stoneman Lake overlook back in 1995 when we first moved to Cottonwood. We were immediately enamored by its majestic beauty and only dreamed of ever being property owners. It's a long story but we credit God for bringing us to Ponderosa Paradise and we are certainly blessed to be here! Joe is the Fixed Operations manager for a Chrysler dealership and an avid classic vehicle collector (mostly Willys jeeps and Dodge trucks). I am the ALC (Alternative Learning Center) Coordinator at Mingus High School. We have two adult children, Colin & Leah, and a fluffy white golden retriever, Cooper, who is adorned in mud most of the time!