Stoneman Lake

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Print fire and urgent care flyer

Emergency information

Be prepared! View the list of emergency phone numbers to know the nearest medical facilities and where to report a fire. Flyers from the Memorial weekend potluck on 05/25/19.

Print vet and utility flyer

Firewise expense form

Firewise community

We are officially a fire-wise community and are continually working to keep it that way!

Tips for keeping your "defensible space" clear:

  • Make sure to keep all leaves, needles and branches off roofs and decks.
  • To prevent flames from spreading quickly, remove all vegetation within 3-5 feet of the home.
  • Thin and space vegetation from 5-30 feet from the home and remove any leaves and needles.
  • Trim all branches that overhang any structures and raise tree canopies.

Don't forget to keep track of your work hours!

The community receives credit for the time and dollars individuals spend to improve fire readiness. Please submit this information using the Stoneman Lake Firewise Expense Form.

Wildfire preparedness

Historical articles

Step back in time and enjoy short articles from Stoneman Lake's past or submit an article you've found.

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